Manitowish Waters | Vilas County

Town of Manitowish Waters, Vilas County
Original "Up North" Experience
"The Barefoot Capital of the Midwest"
Incorporated 1927 (as Town of Spider Lake)
Population: 566

Manitowish Waters Snippets

     ★ North Woods logging history begins with river logging, then railroad logging, and then post WWII logging with trucks and bulldozers. Manitowish Waters is one of the unique communities that has logged through all three phases. The Manitowish Waters dam site is one of the best in the Chippewa River system, controlling much of the river logging phase. At that time lumberjacks cut only white pine, because they could easily float down the river while other woods would sink. Once the railroad arrived, most of the woods were harvested. No official railroad station was ever established in Manitowish Waters, but a major rail line arrived by 1889 from the Chicago Northwestern station in nearby Manitowish.

Manitowish Waters is located in Vilas County.

Little Bohemia Lodge -- site of a famous shootout
between the FBI and John Dillinger in 1929.

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