Aztalan | Jefferson County

Aztalan Ghost Town, Jefferson County
Established 1050 A.D.
Ancient Indian Ghost Town now a Wisconsin State Park
Nowhere else in Wisconsin is like Aztalan – magical, mystical, mythical, otherworldly, sacred, scenic, serene! Here, in the isolated countryside, alongside the partially reconstructed palisade, a top the highest platform mound, scanning the acres of wild grasses and flowers with the Crawfish River in the distance, the imagination can run wild!
Aztalan State Park

Friends of Aztalan State Park

Aztalan Day
Held annually the 3rd Saturday in July

Aztalan State Park is located in Jefferson County.

Wisconsin Historical Society "Official" Marker 11:
was erected at Aztalan State Park in 1991.
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"Aztalan Mound Park" Historical Marker (on the left)
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Aztalan Registered National Historic Landmark
Historical Marker (on the right)
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Wisconsin Registered Landmark 68: "Pioneer Aztalan"
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Wisconsin Historical Society "Official" Marker 515:
"Princess Burial Mound"
was erected at Aztalan in 2007.
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Aztalan Day 2018

Little Wisconsin will be available May 7, 2019.

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