Williamsonville | Door County

Village of Williamsonville, Door County
Ghost Town
Population: 76 (in 1871)

The Williamsonville dead:
Joseph Married, his wife and three children;
Nelson Dimrow, his wife and two children;
Michael Adams, his wife and three children;
John Williamson, his wife and one child;
Jos. Maricox, his wife and two children;
Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson;
Mrs. Buckland and two children;
an “unknown French woman” and two children;
Thomas Crane,
Thomas Whelan,
John O’Conners,
Dan Nicholson,
Charles Duncan,
Frank Borway,
Emery Jervis,
Jason Williamson,
John Conlan,
George Buckland,
an “unknown woman”,
John Williamson, Sr.,
Henry Jervis,
James Whelan,
Maggie Williamson,
James Donlan,
Freddy Williamson,
Mike Rogan,
Maggie O’Neill,
John Ahearn,
Patrick Ahearn,
Frank Dolan,
Charles Weinbeck,
Louis Longley,
Peter Bordway,
Maggie Heaney,
and Joseph Verbonker.

Williamsonville is located in Door County.

Tornado Memorial Park Monument
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"Well Site" Historical Marker
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 Dexter in the well . . .

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