Adell | Sheboygan County

Village of Adell, Sheboygan County
Population: 514
Incorporated: January 21, 2018

Adell Snippets

     ★ On February 10, 1903, six (or eight) year old Verue Wieting was killed outright by a flying iron, two others were fatally injured, and four others were badly burned and bruised when, without warning, a boiler exploded at the Charles Helminger machine shop. The foundry was a complete loss. A piece of the building landed on the Burke hotel across the street was partially “wrecked”. Several guests were severely injured. Losses were estimated at almost $25,000. Mrs. William Burke was completely buried under the debris and was seriously burned when her stove overturned; she was not expected to survive her injuries. Adell was then a small hamlet of 800 people located in Sherman township.

     ★ Louis Mueller was the “heaviest loser” at the Sheboygan County Fair in September 1908. Skillful thieves robbed him of his wallet containing $15 in bills, a check for $71.95, and several notes worth more than $1,000. Other fairgoers lost from $3.00 to $75.00, bank certificates for hundreds of dollars, and the train conductor lost his gold watch. The pickpockets targeted passengers at the depot as they boarded the trains.

     ★ On Friday, May 6, 1921, the Adel Graded School celebrated “Play Day” with 100% attendance from all the school at Sherman, Random Lake, and Adell. Competitions included, a “Declamatory contest” (winner Miss Evelyn Navis, Adell); spelling, arithmetic and penmanship (winner, Miss Mildred Wienhold, Adell); relay race (Adell Graded School, third); tug of war (Adell Graded School, second); nail driving contest; cracker eating contest (third place, Miss Catherine Lamb, Adell); sack race; 220 yard dash (winner, Martin Scholtz, Adell), a “Peanut Race” (second, Miss Anna Hilger, Adell); the high jump (winner, Earl Hausler, Adell); and baseball games (Adell beat Random Lake 14 to 12).

     ★ Ellis Eillian was a first prize winner in the Junior Heifer, Any Other Breed, category at the Sheboygan county fair in August 1926.

Internationally Renowned Hildegarde was born in Adell

Adell is located in Sheboygan County.

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