Alma Center | Jackson County

Village of Alma Center, Jackson County
"Strawberry Capital of Wisconsin"
Population: 439
Incorporated: February 8, 1901

Alma Center Snippets

     ★ In 1881 the community boasted a population of about 300 citizens. Businesses included wheat buyers, a hardware store, a general merchandize store, S.S. Avery’s grocery, the Miller Bros.’ harness shop, two blacksmiths, a cabinetmaker, H. W. Northrop’s wagon shop, a shoemaker, a drug store, Charles W. Kenson’s furniture and undertaker business, and two hotels – Warren House, J. M. Warren, proprietor; and Alma Center House, Mr. Miller, Sr., proprietor. Dr. L. L. Crawford served the community’s medical needs.

     ★ Blacksmith Harvey D. McSwain came to Wisconsin from Illinois in 1867. He moved around a bit before settling in Alma Center and setting up shop.

     ★ English-born George N. Marks arrived in America in New York in 1850, then came to Wisconsin in 1854. By 1881 he owned 166 acres of good farm land in Alma Center.

     ★ In March 1908, during a rain and snow storm, lightning struck George Galloway’s Alma Center creamery and burned it to the ground.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Alma Everson

Alma Evenson was a 19-year-old domestic servant employed in the home of Will Hall near Alma Center. Described as a young woman of “good character, strictly attentive to her duties, economical, and not inclined to absent herself from her place of employment”. One one of the coldest nights in January 1907, she stepped outside of Mr. Hall’s home and disappeared. Tracks in the snow led to the outskirts of Alma Center, and then no trace. For months her body was searched for; “every foot of the country for miles around”. There were no creeks or rivers within several miles, so drowning was ruled out.

It was determined she had planned to leave and disappear on her own. Her packed truck with all her belongings was left in her room, but never sent for. She had $60 in her possession when she left. She had frequently expressed a wish that she might go to some large city to find employment. In all probability she waited until she had money in hand for her expenses and quietly decamped. What reason she had for desiring to go secretly and why she has failed to communicate with her aged father is unknown. Why she left her trunk and a small sum due her for wages is also a mystery. It is quite probably that she spent the night at the home of some friend whom she had enjoined to secrercy, and then took a train from Alma Center or Merrillian without being observed by any who knew her.

Her father, after waiting several months in deep anxiety, daily hoping to receive some word from his missing daughter, has now asked that others assist him in finding where she is. The police departments of several cities have been asked to discover her if possible, friends have been written to, and every source of possible information has been sought.

Wisconsin Historical Society "official" Marker 240
"Silver Mound" was erected in Alma Center in 1997.

 The Silver Mound Archeological District
has been designated a prestigious
National Historic Landmark.
Little Wisconsin will be available May 7, 2019.

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