Marquette | Green Lake County

Village of Marquette, Green Lake County
"Gateway to the Grand River Wildlife Area"
Established 1836
Incorporated April 24, 1958
Population: 151

Marquette Snippets

     ★ In 1890, the village was described as having “a more picturesque situation than any other village in this or the surrounding countries. The business portion is principally built on law, sandy ground, but tasteful dwellings surmount this hill, presenting a fine appearance from any approach.”

     ★ “A wonderful vacation . . . for a man of modest means”. Just 180 miles from Chicago and 90 miles from Milwaukee, Marquette has been the “ideal vacation spot for everyone in the family” since the early 1900s. A 1950s marketing brochure advertised that all Marquette business specialized in the tourist trade to ensure “a wonderful vacation . . . for the man of modest means”, and promised “the greatest” fishing, hunting and vacation land. Amenities included lake cottages with “modern housekeeping”, camping grounds “for those who like roughing it”, a hotel, trailer parks, stores, service stations, and taverns. Winther’s Resort offered modern cottages with a swimming pool; Norb and Leone Guenther were the proprietors of the Marquette Hotel; and Stan and Emily Kocurek welcomed guests to Stan’s Puckaway Resort. An annual resident fishing license cost $3.25, a resident “husband and wife” license cost $5.50, and a resident deer hunting license cost $5.25. A Wisconsin resident could purchase a small game hunting license for $4.25; the same license cost a non-resident a whopping $25.50!

Marquette is located in Green Lake County.

The Daniel and Catherine Ketchum Cobblestone House

Beautiful Lake Puckaway

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