Suring | Oconto County

Village of Suring, Oconto County
"Gateway to the North"
Incorporated January 19, 1915
Population: 544

Suring Snippets

     ★ The first telephone in the village was installed in Anton Averson’s store in 1899. At 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 5, 1962, dial telephone service went into effect. Customers were required to cut the wire from their existing phones to be connected with the dial system. Great effort was made by General Telephone to teach customers how to use the new-fangled dial service. An information program that included movies, color slides, a live demonstration, and the opportunity to ask questions was held in Suring.

     ★ Two of Suring’s first doctors were Conrad and Dougherty. They made house calls at all hours and in all kinds of weather, traveling by sleigh once snow arrived. Farm families left a signal at the road for Dr. Dougherty – a broom leaning against a kitchen chair.

     ★ Heise and Rusch both operated brickyards that served the Suring area in the early half of the 1900s. Hundreds of homes and business were built using Heise and Rusch red-orange bricks fired in temperatures of 1700-1800 degrees; many of these buildings in Suring are still standing.

     ★ In 1917, Suring hoped to attract new residents: The Suring Sun ran a front-page sketch of Suring’s early settlement history and its “advantages as a place of residence”. A string of businesses providing all the modern comforts was listed. Special inducements were available to manufacturers willing to establish themselves in the “thriving and hustling community”. Farmers were enticed by the still-reasonably-priced farmlands; fishers and hunters were promised to “very nearly find their paradise here”. The population was identified as American, German, Dane and Norwegian.

“Come and join with us,” the article concluded, “in this rapidly developing section of the state where ‘health and plenty’ is no dream and the joy of living gets into the heart and binds one to a full life of happiness and contentment.”

     ★ Memline Corporation/Nu-Line Industries was established in 1946 to manufacture folding gates. It became one of the largest industries in Oconto County. By 1999, sales were $40 million, the plant operated with three shifts and had 350 employees living within as much as a 60-mile radius of Suring. The company received numerous awards for their products and was recognized by Consumer Reports for having the best results on gates. After a series of sales and mergers, the company closed in 2003 to outsource for cheaper labor in Mexico.

Suring is located in Oconto County.

 Village of Suring / Halfway between the North Pole and Equator
Historical Marker
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