Ontario | Vernon County

Village of Ontario, Vernon County
"Canoe Capital of the Kickapoo"
Established 1857
Incorporated November 17, 1890
Population: 574

Ontario Snippets

Business Directory of 1884.

     ★ General stock -- Robert Sandon, Sandon & White, George Prentice and O. H. Millard
     ★ Drugs, Groceries and Crockery -- S. Sloggy and H. J. Phelps. Mr. Sloggy settled here in 1859, and claims that his father's family is the last one of that name in existence.
     ★ Furniture -- Hiram Timerman.
     ★ Millinery -- Mrs. Ida Johnson.
     ★ Grist Mill -- Sandon & White and Nathan Culver.
     ★ Saw Mill -- Sandon & White.
     ★ Wagon Manufacturers -- Timerman  Bros.
     ★ Feed Mill and Carding Machine -- M. W. Steadman.
     ★ Gunsmith -- William Fuller.
     ★ Blacksmiths -- Lower & Son, S. O. Marden and Timerman Bros.
     ★ Cooper -- Robert Butler.
     ★ Shoemaking -- Robert Lee.
     ★ Physician -- H. P. Miller.

A Prosperous Post Office

First postmaster O. H. Millard was appointed in 1857. In 1862 he was "removed by the presentation of a forged petition". Although eventually vindicated, Millard was replaced by George Prentice. T. L. De Lap was serving as postmaster in 1884; the Ontario office boasted an aggregate annual business of about $8,000.

The money order was created in 1882. The first order was issued to William Dandon on August 7th, payable to O. I. Newton on Sparta.

A Civil War Hero

Nathan Culver was born in 1820 in upstate New York, where learned a carpenter’s trade from his father. He arrived in Wisconsin in 1844 and began working in mill construction, then millwrighting and lumbering. He built a mill for Giles White in Whitestown. In 1858 Culver acquired 130 acres that included a flouring mill in the Village of Ontario. Culver enlisted in Company K, 18th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry in 1861. He fought at the Battle of Shiloh and was captured by Baxter’s Calvary on September 1, 1862. Over the next several weeks Culver and his fellow POWs were transported on foot, by cart, by train, and by boat to Cairo, Illinois, where most got furloughs home. After two weeks, Culver rejoined his regiment at Cornith, Mississippi. He eventually returned to Ontario where he married, had three children, divorced, and remarried. He died in 1896 and is buried in the Ontario cemetery.

Village of Ontario

Village of Ontario Businesses

Ontario is located in Vernon County.

Everything photographed for Little Wisconsin was submerged
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National Weather Service: Summary of Significant Flooding
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 The Ontario Welcome Center History Walk
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Bredlow-Ewing American Legion Post 467
Veterans Memorial and Honor Roll

Area Amish barn.

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