Ferryville | Crawford County

Village of Ferryville, Crawford County
"A Sportsman's Paradise" / "A Place for All Seasons"
Unofficial "Laughter Yoga Capital of the Universe"
Incorporated March 25, 1912
Population: 182

Ferryville Snippets

     ★ In October 1891, a man who identified himself as Ed Henderson of Ferryville was found “wandering about the streets of La Crosse in an almost nude condition”. He was taken in by the police.

     ★ The authorities of Crawford County made a raid on some settlers on the island near Ferryville in January 1896, and arrested them of a charge of stealing. They got about 30 pairs of blankets and several other articles that were hidden in a secret roothouse back of another roothouse. Different things had been stolen around the county for the last two years, but the authorities heretofore had been unable to get a clue.

     ★ In March 1902, Ernest Ames was accidentally shot and killed on the Mississippi while hunting with his brother.

     ★ The La Crosse Tribune reported in May 1909 that Andrew Bringe had been missing since Christmastime 1908 on “an ostensible trip to Lansing” and that the body of a “floater” was recently found in Dubuque and promptly buried. The deceased was presumed a “horseman”, as he wore two watches of the type used by race track men. One was a stop watch, the other timepiece had a horse head charm. There were no identifying papers on the body.

     ★ The Eau Claire Leader reported in April 1909 that Andrew Bringe had disappeared. He was a farmer having a wife and children. He drove to Lansing with a neighbor and it is said became engaged in an altercation with him on the way home. When the neighbor returned the next morning without Bringe, people went to search for him. They found the team near some willow trees and the footprints of a man leading from the sleigh to a nearby airhole in the ice, where they ceased. It was presumed that the footprints were those of Bringe and that he was accidently drowned.

     ★ The Racine Daily Journal reported on September 28, 1909, that Ferryville resident C. H. Lawrence “has exhumed some bones of a prehistoric race from mounds near his home” and that one of the skeletons “indicated that they once joined the frame of a man eight or nine feet tall”. Lawrence exhumed three complete jawbones with all teeth intact and perfect, except for normal wear.

     ★ Mary Rutter committed a horrific crime. In 1921, she concealed the birth of an illegitimate child and then murdered the infant. She appeared before circuit court Justice Tichenor in September to tell him her story. She was sentenced to one year in the county jail; her sentence was suspended.

     ★ The La Crosse Tribune ran a lengthy article on December 18, 1921, regarding Ferryville’s efforts to erect its first church in 100 years. Since the first settlers arrived, the village had never had a church. The Tribune reported that before the whites arrived, the Winnebago “heap big medicine men uttered their words of mystery, administered their potions of the juices of herbs and berries, screeched their weird wailings and drove out evil spirits with the racket of their tomtoms the shriek of their own voices”.

     ★ The residents of Ferryville received state approval in March 1970 for a sewage collection and treatment system adequate for a population of 300. Until then, the village had no public sewer system or treatment plant. The Ferryville Cheese Co. plant would also benefit from the new sewage system.

Ferryville is a Driftless Wisconsin Area Community
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Ferryville is a Great River Road Wisconsin Community
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Ferryville is located in Crawford County.

 Wisconsin Historical Society "Official" Marker 528:
"Patrick Joseph Lucey"
was erected in Ferryville in 2009.
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"Governor Patrick Lucey Highway" Marker
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 "A Tribute to the Great River" Historical Marker
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"Armistice Day Storm November 11, 1940" Historical Marker
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 The only Motel in Ferryville!

Little Wisconsin will be available May 7, 2019.

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