St. Cloud Village | Fond du Lac County

Village of St. Cloud, Fond du Lac County
Incorporated March 5, 1909
Population: 474

St. Cloud Snippets

     ★ Since at least 1898, the area where St. Cloud is located has been called "The Holyland" because of the 10 parishes that were established there within close proximity of one another by German Catholic immigrants who arrived between 1841 and 1870. In addition to St. Cloud, the communities are Calvary, Charlesburg, Jericho, Johnsburg, Marytown, Mount Calvary, St. Anna, St. Joe., and St. Peter. The churches were founded by missionary Reverend Casper Rehrl.

     ★ At the turn of the 19th century, the village slogan was "St. Cloud, the city of tomorrow".

St. Cloud is located in Fond du Lac County.

St. Cloud's Idlewile Supper Club was featured in this 2017 episode of Wisconsin Foodie.

Alphonse Halter Nine-Arch Stone Bridge Historical Marker
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Sgt. Harvey A. Blonigen / Aug. 23, 1917 - Mar. 2, 1945
Harvey Blonigen Post 478
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St. Cloud Catholic Church

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